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Your Smile
Our Passion

Because we love to see your smile, we strive to provide the personalized healthy smile and premium dentistry and special care to our patients.


An exclusive state - of - the - art facility, with high privacy and more convenience, located in the CBD of Bangkok.

With highly skilled

and experienced dentists from various specialties,
you can be sure that you are in good hands!

Digital Assisted Smile Design

You will be able to design your dream smile and it will let you see your new smile before getting Dental Veneers.

So you can be sure your personalized smile is right for you.

Fresh Breath Clinic

Bad breath problem would be solved from the start to finish
with the right solution by well-experienced specialists
at BWC Dental Clinic.

About us

Introducing Dental Wellness Clinic at BDMS Wellness Clinic – A Leading Bangkok Dental Clinic

We are a team of leading oral hygienists, dental surgeons and cosmetic dentists in Bangkok. We specialize in all aspects of dentistry, so whether you need a routine check-up or advanced dental treatment, you’ll find what you need here at Dental Wellness Clinic of BDMS Wellness Clinic.

We utilize modern technology and advanced procedures to correct smiles, prevent disease and improve your appearance, boosting your confidence in the process. We also have a dedicated team of pediatric dentists that specialize in oral healthcare for children, which is just one reason why we’re recognized as a leading international dental hospital clinic.

Because our Dental Wellness Clinic is equipped with new digital technologies and equipment, our cosmetic surgeons can fulfill your smile to naturally enhance your facial profile. Our team is comprised of Bangkok dentists who are certified by the ADA Recognized Dental Specialty Certifying Boards, meaning you can trust that our procedures are safe, effective and cost-efficient. In fact, despite the fact that we offer special treatments, the cost of dental surgery in Thailand is far more affordable than in many western nations.

  • Problem-Based Solutions
  • Highlighted treatments


Problem-Based Dental Solutions

At Dental Wellness Clinic, in Bangkok we offer an extensive selection of dental treatments, ranging from tooth extractions to veneer applications and everything in between..

Please read some of our reviews, and you’ll find out why so many people say we offer the special dental treatments in Thailand. The next time you’re searching for a dental surgery you can trust, look no further than Dental Wellness Clinic.


Highlighted Dental Treatments

With high technologies and a team of specialists, we’ll create that smile you have always dreamed of. Some of our highly sought-after services include:

  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Endodontic dentistry
  • Invisalign braces
  • Oral surgery
  • Implants
  • Prosthodontics
  • Fresh breach dental treatment packages
  • Pediatric dentistry


What they say about us

"I feel great and happy with the result! I have never been this confident when smiling until after getting the veneers here. My teeth become whiter and beautifully align.

All the problems which had been disturbed me for a long time were already gone! Thanks to Dr. Suchada and all the staff here at Dental Wellness Clinic! Now I am ready to go to China to attend to Miss World Contest 2018!"



What they say about us

"I can smile confidently everyday because of you! Thank you for bringing back my smile.

The dentists and the staffs here are very caring and skillful. The facility is clean, high quality and easy to find. I would highly recommend the clinic!"