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July 1, 2019

“4D Smile Design by BDMS Wellness Clinic”

4D Smile Design / Virtual Model (4 Dimensional) is one of the cosmetic dentistry services offered at BDMS Wellness Clinic. We can help you design a smile based on both your characteristics and personality. To achieve the successful treatment result, our clinic simulation software allows you to experiment with the design before we begin the procedure. It lets you first see the models of your new and healthy smile, so you can be sure your personalized smile is right for you.

The 3 steps to a better natural smile by Digital Veneers and One – Day Crown

1.  Digitally Assisted Smile Design Program (2 Dimensional) - The first step involves creating a digital mock-up of what your teeth will look like after treatment.

2. Digital Wax Up (3 Dimensional) – Step 2 involves the scanning of the teeth by Intra Oral and 3 shapes machine in order to produce a 3D simulation of the smile. This impression can then be compared to the patient’s original smile and any requested changes applied before the virtual model is produced.

3. Virtual Model (4 Dimensional) – The virtual model allows the patient to explore their proposed new teeth in greater detail, including chewing action. As this stage the patient can customize the model to their complete satisfaction.


 “Craft Your Smile as a Masterpiece”

​​​​​​​Let us take care of your smile like a masterpiece. We have an array of treatments and services designed to boost your appearance and confidence. Having gleaming, beautiful smile can improve your quality of life, enhance your social life, create great opportunities and subsequently lead to success.

Benefits of participation in 4D Smile Design by BDMS Wellness Clinic

  • Be able to design your smile and find the right solution with our specialist team
  • Enjoy special promotions that will solve all your smile problems you have
  • Privilege of attending BWC Exclusive Events with celebrities
  • Privilege of being an Exclusive Member in BWC Smile Club

Candidates for 4D Smile Design by BDMS Wellness Clinic

  • People who are not confident when smiling and want to improve quality of life
  • People who want to look younger and improve their overall appearance
  • People who want to be noticed and appear healthier
  • People who are tired of the messy gagging impression taking like in the old days
  • People who may have to attend the important events or ceremonies such as wedding, graduation, interview, beauty pageant, business negotiation or have to go abroad shortly
  • People who have following conditions: broken tooth, cracked or fractured tooth, badly decayed tooth, misshapen tooth, unsightly tooth, discolored or stained teeth, misaligned teeth, gap teeth

Special Promotions


  One-Day Croown


  Detal Veneers

25,000 THB
Craft Your Smile, Craft Your Life
One – Day Crown brings back your beautiful smile within 1 DAY with the Digital Dentistry Technology called “CEREC” (CAD/CAM).

From 15,000 - 20,000 THB
Craft Your Smile, Craft Your Life
Resolve misaligned and discolored teeth by getting Dental Veneers with Digitally Assisted Smile Design Technology

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Terms & Conditions

1. Dentist team at BDMS Wellness Clinic will evaluate your oral health and decide if Digital Veneer or One-Day Crown are to be your solution or not.

2. Digital Veneers promotion for the 1st – 6th teeth costs only 20,000 per tooth, for the 7th teeth and more costs only 15,000 per tooth. (Limit 1 right / 1 person)

3. Promotion is available for any treatment based on the patient's evaluation from the dental team at BDMS Wellness Clinic.

4. Patients/ Participants must register to participate in the 4D Smile Design Program in order to receive the discount.

5. Campaign period: 1 July - 30 September 2019.