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Dental Wellness Clinic


As Dental Wellness Clinic at BDMS Wellness Clinic aims to promote a healthy, beautiful smile that reboots self - confidence and leads to an improved quality of life overall, we offer a comprehensive range of dentistry for both general practices and specialties, using Laser technology and the ultimate aesthetics and function in Digitally Assisted Smile Design. Equipped with modern digital technology such as CAD/ CAM, Intra Oral Scanner, 3-D Cone Beam x-ray and in - house digital dental laboratory, “The Ideal Smile” is personalized and created to naturally enhance the individual’s facial profile. 


Dental Wellness Clinic at BDMS Wellness Clinic, you will experience the new concept of dentistry with high quality of dental treatment, more private, more convenient, more comfortable and the most significant thing is the dental treatment is tailored to your individual requirements. Our specialist team including American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry doctors, will ensure the personalized and well-planned treatment to achieve ideal results.

“Good oral hygiene and a beautiful smile can go a long way to improve self-confidence and quality of life”

Dr. Valailuck Kiatthanakorn



BDMS Wellness Clinic

Since Bangkok Dusit Medical Services opened its doors in October 30th, 1969, BDMS has grown its network to over 47 hospitals in Thailand and Southeast Asia. With a network of over 10,000 physicians as well as partnerships with globally-renown institutions, we hope to continue our founding-vision of providing the supreme medical care for patients. The acquisition of the Park Nai Lert Hotel is BDMS’ first step in establishing its roots in preventative prime. 


Rich in historical heritage, the land was originally owned by his excellency, Phraya Bhakdi Noraset, who sought to establish the property as Bangkok’s center of curated fine-goods from around the world. Today, the land is a symbol of an exciting bygone era of technological marvel, as well as a place of relaxation for people to enjoy lush greenery.

The acquisition of such an iconic property has allowed Bangkok Dusit Medical Services to fully recognize its ambition. 

Why you have to choose us

Under the direct care of Dental Wellness specialist team, the dental treatments here are tailored to your individual requirements. So you can be sure that the dental treatment you will received is personalized and only right for you.

Protecting the privacy of our patients and the confidentiality and security of all personal health information to which we are entrusted with by our patients.

We provide a comprehensive range of dentistry both general practice and specialty as we have a team of specialist in any dental fields. No matter what dental problems you have, all will be arranged and solved by the right specialist.

We are fully equipped with the advanced technologies such as CAD/ CAM, CT Scan, Intra Oral Camera and our in-house digital laboratory in order to ensure that the optimal results are delivered precisely to you.

Selected for their renowned expertise and dedication to ensure high quality dental services in their respective fields.

Not only the congenial dental care you will receive from Dental Wellness Clinic, we will also be your personal guide, assisting and facilitating your dental trip in Thailand to make it most memorable and extraordinary.

Our Mission

To promote a healthy, beautiful smile that reboots self - confident and leads to improved quality of life overall.

Our Dental Clinic Facilities

An exclusive facility, with high privacy and more convenience, located in the CBD of Bangkok.