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Does your breath smell?

Of course, everybody’s breath smells.


Really? What does that mean?

Don’t worry! There are many types of mouth odor.

  1. Natural odor
  2. Bad breath which result from the followings:
    • Oral disease
    • Respiratory diseases
    • Gastrointestinal disease
    • Final stage of chronic disease
    • Food, beverage, cigarette, medication
    • Personal life style
    • Stress

How do you know if you have bad breath?

  • You can smell it yourself
  • People let you know
  • People act distance around you
  • Conversation partner act disgusted

Now I’m not sure about my breath. What should I do?

Contact Fresh Breath Clinic at Dental Wellness Clinic. If you think you may have bad breath, you should be diagnosed and treated directly by an experienced dentist specialized in treating Bad Breath.

At Fresh Breath Clinic

  • We advise on self-preparation before seeing a Fresh Breath Specialist. 
  • The specialist discusses health history and personal life style, etc.
  • Evaluate gas in oral cavity by using Gas Chromatograph.
  • Provide education about Bad Breath, caused of bad breath, treatment guidelines and prevention. 
  • Diagnose, summarize and find the cause of bad breath.
  • Treat and cure the disease that cause bad breath and finally bring it to normal condition.
  • Suggest guidelines of good oral hygiene and life style in order to prevent the recurrent of bad breath.