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June 30, 2019

Boosting your Appearance & Confidence with Dental Veneers

Having a perfect smile is something many people dream of, but brilliantly white teeth that are aligned correctly are now something within the reach of the general public. Modern technology and innovative dental clinics have now put the world famous Hollywood smile firmly in the public domain and made the process both available and affordable. Here at the Bangkok BDMS Wellness Clinic we utilise the latest technology to not only improve appearance, but also boost confidence as well.


The process of getting the perfect smile at our clinic is relatively straightforward and we can actually design a smile based on both your characteristics and personality. With your input, we can begin the veneer design process based on your personal requirements whilst taking into account the size, shape and colour of your teeth in order to create dental veneers that are unique to you. Before the design is finalised and veneer production begins, our clinic simulation software allows you to experiment with the design before we begin the procedure.


Getting your Digital Veneers – The Process

Generally speaking, there are three steps to get that great smile you’ve always wanted, and we’ve detailed them below:

1)    Digitally Assisted Smile Design Program (2 Dimensional) - The first step involves creating a digital mock-up of what your teeth will look like after treatment.

2)    Digital Wax Up (3 Dimensional) – Step 2 involves the scanning of the teeth by Intra Oral and 3 shapes machine in order to produce a 3D simulation of the smile. This impression can then be compared to the patient’s original smile and any requested changes applied before the virtual model is produced.

3)     Virtual Model (4 Dimensional) – The virtual model allows the patient to explore their proposed new teeth in greater detail, including chewing action. At this stage, the patient can customize the model to their complete satisfaction.


The Advantages of Digital Veneers

The main and obvious advantages of digitally designed veneers are:

  • A smile that is customised to the individual’s characteristics and personality
  • A thorough simulation process to ensure the final result is exactly as agreed
  • Treatment carried out by highly trained, experienced dentists using the latest technology.


Anti-Aging with 4D Smile Design

Another unique advantage point that our patients find attractive is the fact that they will look younger! By trying the temporary veneers first, our patients can see the difference before we move to the final production stage. The meticulous attention to detail throughout the whole process is intended to give the patient the best possible results and ensure they are 100% satisfied with the outcome.


Additional Services

One-Day Crown is specifically designed for busy people and international patients who need treatment within a short timescale. The service, although performed quickly, is carried out to the highest possible standards with the same attention to detail as the rest of our services. The team can also carry out Dental Implants with Computer Guided Surgery and Full Mouth Rehabilitation. 


For more information on any of our services, please refer to our contact details below.

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